Working Papers


  • “Gender Gap in Science in Japan”
    Sotaro Shibayama, Aldo Geuna (February 2016)


  • "Moving Out Of Academic Research: Why Scientists Stop Doing Research?"
    Aldo Geuna, Sotaro Shibayama (December 2014)
  • "Dishonest Conformity In Peer Review"
    Sotaro Shibayama, Yasunori Baba (December 2014)
  • “Hidden Rationales behind Scientific Publication: a Case Study of Japanese Life Sciences”
    Sotaro Shibayama and Yasunori Baba (January 2014)


  • “Adaptating Organization in Science: How Contextual Environment Affects Task Allocation of Academic Biology Laboratories”
    Sotaro Shibayama, Yasunori Baba and John P.Walsh (October 2013)