STIG ProgramProgram registration and completion

Program registration and completion

Program completion certification

Number of Credits Required for Completion

A total of at least 12 credits is required for completion including 2 credits for the joint seminar (required), 2 credits for Basic Course A (Policy Processes and Institutions-required elective), 2 credits for Basic Course B (Evidence-making Techniques-required elective), and 6 credits for basic courses, applied courses, and field specific research courses.
*Courses can be taken by graduate students (master’s and doctorate students).

  Course Type No. of Credits Required
Required Classes Joint seminar 2 credits
Required Electives Basic Course A:
Policy Processes and Institutions
2 credits
Basic Course B:
Evidence Development Methodologies
2 credits
Electives Basic courses, applied courses, and field-specific research courses 6 credits
Total 12 credits

*A certificate of completion is issued to students who complete enough credits required for completion.

*Students can also take individual classes without aiming for completion.

Registration Application

  • To register for the program, fill in the necessary items on the STIG Registration Form when taking the required courses and submit this to the STIG Education Program Office by the deadline.
  • Courses should be completed in accordance with the completion procedures and methods specified by the graduate school or other institution to which the student is affiliated, by the date stipulated by the graduate school, etc.

Accreditation of Credits

Credits and grade assessments are conducted for each course. When students complete courses in another graduate school, the accreditation of credits is in accordance with the policies of the school to which the student is affiliated.

Completion Certification

A Certificate of Completion in the name of the chair of the University of Tokyo Education Steering Committee will be granted to students who have applied for registration, completed the required credits specified by this education program, and applied by the specified date on UTAS using the online application for a University-wide Graduate Education Program completion certificate.


  • Certificates of completion will not be issued to students who do not apply upon completion of graduate school, even if they have fulfilled the STIG education program completion requirements.
  • Certificates of completion will be issued to students who have fulfilled the STIG education program completion requirements and carried out the certificate of completion application procedures upon completion of graduate school.
  • Applicants who have not fulfilled the requirements to be granted a certificate of completion will not be contacted.
  • Depending on the academic year, some courses may not be included in STIG program. Carefully check the syllabus before registration to ensure the course to be taken is accredited for this program in the corresponding year.

Latest Information

The latest information and detailed application procedures will be presented on this website.