Event Seminar

Event Seminar

International Symposium

STIG organizes large-scale international symposiums several times a year on topics related to science, technology and innovation governance.

Policy Platform (POP) Seminar

STIG often hosts small-scale policy platform seminars whose topics vary on specific and technical fields in the science, technology and innovation governance.

SciREX Summer Camp

As part of the joint education program within “Science for RE-designing Science, Technology and Innovation Policy” (SciREX) of MEXT project, this Summer Camp will be held jointly with the six core universities; GRIPS, Hitotsubashi Univ., Osaka Univ., Kyoto Univ., Kyushu Univ. and UTokyo. This summer camp offers an excellent opportunity to discuss common themes, exchange views and perspectives, and interact with other participants having diverse backgrounds. It also aims at promoting network formation among students studying in different universities.

Bioeconomy Seminar

This bioeconomy serial seminar offers aspect of research meetings, whose purpose is to invite specialists familiar with industry, public sectors, academic and research institutions to share knowledge and information on the current trends and issues in the field of bioeconomy both in Japan and overseas.

Space Policy Seminar

Periodically organized as “Space Policy Seminar” and discussed mainly the research topics such as: (1)Japanese framework for university-led space technology development and utilization capacity building in emerging countries in the post/with-corona era and its development potential,(2)Public-private partnership for international rule formation and standardization that contributes to the overseas expansion of Japanese space debris-related technologies.The seminars also focus on space policy issues in Asia(ASEAN), EU and US as well as space international rulemaking.