Program Registration

When registering, do students have to be affiliated with a particular graduate school or are there any other requirements? Also are there examinations, interviews or other selection procedures?

Any University of Tokyo graduate student can participate in the program. There are no particular requirements, and there are no examinations or interviews when registering.

I am interested in the STIG education program, but is it possible to take just certain courses?

Students are welcome to take individual courses, without planning to complete the program.

Please explain the registration procedure.

Just submit the STIG Application Form to the STIG Education Program Office. You can pick up a copy of the Application Form at the office (International Academic Research Bldg. GraSPP Office, Hongo Campus) or make your registration through our < Application Form > website.

Do you recommend that international students register for the STIG education program?

We have 26 courses offered in English as of FY2021. We strongly encourage international students to be part of the STIG education program. The required Course “Case Study (Science, Technology and Innovation Policy)” is also offered in English.

I will enter my second year of graduate school this April. If I register for the STIG education program from now, can the credits I earned during the previous year (my first year of graduate school) be used to satisfy the STIG completion requirements?

If the credits you earned during the first year are part of STIG education program at that time, you can use them to satisfy the completion requirements. Each year's sylabus are listed on our website (< current year >/< past years >). To make sure, please consult with the STIG education program office regarding the credits you want recognized from the previous year.

I am thinking about registering for the STIG education program from the second semester. Can the credits I earned during the first semester be used to satisfy the STIG completion requirements?

It is preferable for students to register for the STIG education program from the first semester. Regardless, when registering from the second semester, the prior credits may be recognized as outlined in the answer to the previous question, so inquire at the STIG education program office about the recognition of credits earned before registering.

Certificates of Completion

When are applications for certificates of completion submitted? I will be overseas when I complete the program. Can I apply for a completion certificate even if I am outside Japan?

Application procedure for the certificate of completion is available online using UTAS at the beginning of each semester (Spring / Autumn), when the student will complete graduate school as well as STIG prgoram at the end of the same semester. UTAS can also be used from overseas.


I will be overseas for one year from August, so I will not be able to take the required course (joint seminar) for the A semester. Will the same sort of required course be offered in the A semester next year?

We plan to offer the same required course in the A semester every year.

The electives are divided into basic courses, applied courses, and field-specific research courses. How are these courses categorized?

In the electives students learn about (a) evidence-based policy making processes and institutions and (b) evidence-building techniques. The categories are set so that students acquire knowledge of both, and not just evidence-building or the policy-making process. The applied courses and the field-specific research courses are set for the development and application of knowledge and skills acquired in the basic courses. To gain higher level practical skills, we want students to select and pursue fields that draw their interest and in which they want to specialize.

I am a double-degree student from National University of Singapore and I will be starting my second year of Master's course in the GraSPP UTokyo from September. I would like to apply for STIG and complete the program in just a year during my stay in Japan. When should I apply for? Is it possible to be validated some of my credits from NUS towards the final application for the certificate?

We welcome you to apply for this program in September via our website. If the past courses you took in NUS are acknowledged as GraSPP credits and part of the STIG courses, then we count them as STIG credits to satisfy requirements for obtaining of the certificate. Make sure to take "Case Study (Science, Technology and Innovation Policy)" in the A1A2 term, which is mandatory for this program.