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Research Work

Fundamental Research that Contributes to Human Resources Development

The collaboration platform for close cooperation between practitioners and interdisciplinary researchers across the humanities and sciences by field of specialization, based on research and development activities in each science field, is aimed at developing the fundamental research program.

  • Build a collaboration platform in each field of specialization (policy process, economic analysis, science and technology systems engineering).
  • Accumulate case studies on actual policy cases as a foundation for education on STI policy in the actual Japanese context.
  • Actively advance areas where specific policy fields contact and overlap, without limiting to the narrowly defined field of STI policy.
  • Systematic organization at a university-wide level of research activities on STI policy across fields, which were previously conducted separately, is also significant.

The human resources development program (primarily field-specific research courses) will be developed together with this collaboration platform, based on the research and other findings.