Results2 Education

2 Education

2-1 Students’ discussion papers, policy research papers or any other research outputs issued during the STIG courses

  • Shunta Murayama, Mami Kiriyama, Keito Furukawa, Mirei Takahashi, and Zhang Zhixiang, “Technology Assessment Related to Cultured Meat” (March 2021)[ GraSPP-P-21-001 ]
  • Kai Greg, Satoshi Shimayoshi, Momoko Shiraishi, Ko Mieno, and Hiroyuki Miyamoto, “Technology Assessment of Blockchain Technology” (October 2017) [ GraSPP-P-17-001 ]
  • Miyu Ishiguro, Misa Shiraki, and Hiroyuki Tanaka, “Technology Assessment of Invisible Vision” (February 2016) [ GraSPP-P-16-001 ]
  • Nobuyuki Sakai, Shota Nakaminami, Hikaru Furukawa, and Hideki Kanai, “Public-Private Outlook on New Space Transportation Systems: Rockets, Spaceports, and Operations” (December 2015) [ GraSPP-P-15-001 ]
  • Takuto Aoyagi, Daiju Matsuyama, and Rin Watanabe, “Conductive Tethers” (November 2014) [ GraSPP-P-14-003 ]
  • Takafumi Hamamoto, Yusuke Higuchi, and Jihyun Na, “Survey on Current Status and Recommendations on Automated Driving Technology” (March 2013) [ GraSPP-P-14-002 ]
  • Tomoya Taniguchi and Shota Okubo, “Technology Assessment of M2M” (January 2013) [ GraSPP-P-13-001 ]
  • Shingo Mabuchi and Moe Moribayashi, “Assessing the Impact of Smart Grid Implementation on Society: The Nature of Smart Meters and Stakeholder Benefits” (February 2011) [ GraSPP-P-11-001 ]

2-2 Other educational activities related to science, technology and innovation governance: Training for Japanese government officials and other activities

Lectures at SciREX Summer Camp

  • “Lecture 3 Evidence to Make Decisions for Crisis Governance and Communication,” SciREX Summer Camp alternative event, online seminar, SciREX Program Summer School 2020,, 2020年9月19日.
  • “STI Governance and Society,” SciREX Program Summer Camp 2019, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) (Lecture Room L, 5th floor), August 26, 2019.
  • “Governance of STI,” SciREX Program Summer Camp 2018, GRIPS (Lecture Room L, 5th floor), August 28, 2018.

Related courses at other universities

  • Makiko Matsuo, Lecture: Global Health and Resilience, United Nations University, online, September 24, 2020.
  • Makiko Matsuo, required course “Ethics in Genome Editing Research” (multiple instructors), “Society’s Adoption of Genome Editing Technology in the Food and Agricultural Sectors: ELSI and Governance,” Hiroshima University Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education, online, August 25, 2020.
  • Makiko Matsuo, Lecture 4: Global Health and Resilience, United Nations University, September 20, 2019.
  • Makiko Matsuo, “Risk Governance of Genome Editing and Ethical, Legal and Social Issues,” Introduction to Science, Technology and Innovation Policy A, Osaka University, Toyonaka Campus, May 29, 2019.
  • Makiko Matsuo, Lecture 4: Global Health and Resilience, United Nations University, September 20, 2018.
  • Ryo Makioka, guest lecturer, Fall 2020, “Advanced Economic and Industrial Policy I,” School of Public Policy, Tohoku University.
  • Masahiro Matsuura offers courses at Meiji University’s Public Policy School, Graduate School of Governance Studies mainly for working professionals (including legislators, civil servants, and company employees). His “Policy Formulation Studies” course deals with evidence-based policymaking.