International Symposium


The 22nd Policy Platform Seminar
“Fishing for complementarities: Competitive research funding and research productivity”

日時:2014年6月2日(月)15:00 – 16:30
会場:東京大学本郷キャンパス 法学政治学系総合教育棟204教室
講演者:Dr. Cornelia Lawson
Science, Technology and Society Priority Group, University of Nottingham, UK
Bureau for Research in Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge (BRICK), Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy
主催:東京大学 科学技術イノベーション政策の科学(STIG)教育・研究ユニット

15:00-15:05 開会挨拶
 東京大学工学系研究科 柴山創太郎
15:05-16:05 研究発表
 Fishing for complementarities: Competitive research funding and research productivity
 Dr. Cornelia Lawson, University of Nottingham
16:05-16:30 質疑応答 + ディスカッション
In most countries in Europe, where universities have primarily been financed through block grants, governments have introduced or increased the amount of funding distributed through competitive funding schemes. Additionally, shrinking public research budgets meant that researchers are increasingly encouraged to look for funding elsewhere, e.g. source funding from industry and other sponsors. This paper empirically investigates complementarities between different sources of research funding with regard to academic publishing. From the sample of UK engineering academics, we find that competitive funding is associated with an increase in ex-post publications but that industry funding decreases the marginal utility of public funding by lowering the publication and citation rate increases associated with public grants. However, when holding all other explanatory variables at their mean, the negative effect of the interaction does not translate into an effective decrease in publication and citation numbers. The paper also shows that the positive effect of public funding is driven by UK research council and charity grants and that EU funding has no significant effect on publication outcomes. In addition to these results from UK data, cases of Germany and Italy will be discussed in this seminar.

*Hottenrott, H. and Lawson, C. (2014) Research grants, sources of ideas and
the effects on academic research, Economics of Innovation and New
Technology, 23 (2), 109-133.
*Hottenrott, H. and Lawson, C. (2013) Fishing for Complementarities:
Competitive Research Funding and Research Productivity, ZEW Discussion Paper
*Lawson, C. (2013) Academic patenting: the importance of industry support,
Journal of Technology Transfer, 38(4), 509-535.

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