【Seminar postponed to Tue, Oct 7】The 27th PoP/The 31st GSDM Seminar: “Black swan start-ups and the role of government policy”

The 27th Policy Platform Seminar/The 31st GSDM Seminar:
Black swan start-ups and the role of government policy

Dr Sami Mahroum has been investigating the conditions that have underpinned the emergence of successful international technological start-ups outside the US and in places that are generally less favourable for start-up activity. In fact in some cases, the founders of start-ups have moved from favourable to less favourable regions. The study examined among others the establishment of Skype in Estonia, SoundCloud in Berlin, Rovio in Finland, Maktoob in Jordan and Sofizar in Lahore among others. Dr Mahroum will share the findings of his qualitative research and reflect on the policy implications for governments concerned with encouraging entrepreneurship and start-up activity”.

[Date] Monday, October 6,11:00-12:30  Tuesday, October 7, 14:00-15:30
[Venue] Faculty of Engeneering Bldg. No.14, Room 429-433, The University of Tokyo
[Speaker] Dr Sami Mahroum (Academic & Executive Director, INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative)
[Hosted by] Science, Technology, and Innovation Governance(STIG)
[Co-Hosted by] The Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management (GSDM)
[Language] English
[Advance registration required] Registration

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