Call for Applications: RA Position (STIG research project)

Call for Applications: Research Assistant Position


Research Assistant System at The University of Tokyo aims to promote effective research activities, to create an enabling research environment and to develop young researchers’ capabilities by making doctoral students with superior academic abilities and performance engaged in various research and research-related activities.

For the purpose above, STIG, one of the research project of Graduate School of Public Policy gives its doctoral students with superior academic abilities and performance an opportunity to be engaged as Research Assistant (RA).

STIG conducts research about “the empirical study contributing to the development of a national scheme for university-driven space technology development and utilization capacity building with foreign developing countries”.

STIG in GraSPP invites doctoral students enrolled in GraSPP to apply for Research Assistant positions as follows.



Full-time doctoral students enrolled in GraSPP doctoral program


Term of appointment

Six months (April 2020-September 2020)



RA is required to contribute to the successful implementation of this project by all levels of work in collaboration with research members and staff in charge. Expected tasks includes but not limited to:


  1. Evaluation of various existing or past STDU (Space technology development and utilization) capacity building programs in Japan.
  2. Analysis of existing or past STDU capacity building programs in foreign countries in order to compare foreign practices with Japanese ones.
  3. Gathering the opinion of recipient countries on the above-mentioned Japanese and foreign STDU capacity building programs.
  4. Developing ideas for schemes for the improvement of university-led Japanese STDU capacity building efforts, focusing also on sustainability of funding and national coordination of domestic efforts.
  5. Planning a workshop with various stakeholders from university, government, private and non-profit sectors, which is expected to be held in FY 2020.



80,000 yen / month

Paid in accordance with the rules and regulations set by GraSPP.

Please note that the amount of withholding tax will be deducted from each payment.

*Note: Doctoral students who have JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientist, MEXT scholarship, or benefit-type scholarship will be carefully adopted in consideration with the appropriateness of the work and research purpose as well as his/her academic expertise, etc.


Number of RA to be appointed in the same term



Documents to be submitted

An applicant is required to submit a research work plan (Form1_RA_application_STIG).

It is also necessary to explain the potential contribution of the research experience of the applicant to the accomplishments of the expected tasks in the a research work plan.

Prior to submission, please obtain your main supervisor’s approval.


Application Deadline

Friday, March 6


Submit to

STIG Office by e-mail (stig[at]pp.u-tokyo.ac.jp)


GraSPP’s Research Promotion Committee will evaluate the work plan and select RA. Selection result will be announced around the middle of March.

For your reference, information on the GraSPP Research (STIG) is available from the following link: