STIG/GSDM Track: Call for Application 2018: GraSPP Policy Challenge “Innovative Solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals”

STIG/GSDM TrackCall for Application 2018
GraSPP Policy Challenge “Innovative Solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals”
– Apply, collaborate internationally and go to Singapore!!

GraSPP Policy Challenge (GPC) is an initiative at GraSPP, in which Japanese and international students collaborate and seek to improve their team-building and policy-making skills. Participants are tasked with responding to pressing real-world policy challenges as a group, and with designing policies and proposals in response to those challenges.

All students are encouraged to apply. If you passed the first screening you are able to register this initiative as a Case Study: GraSPP Policy Challenge I in A2 term. Finalist groups will be ultimately invited to present at the GPPN Student Conference* to be held at LKY School, Singapore in March 2019.

Please form a group of 4-5 students and apply through here by 31 October. If you face difficulties with finding your group members on your own, you can also apply individually and leave GraSPP to find your team mates. Announcement of the groups and advisors will be made by 9 November.

**GraSPP is a part of the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN) and delegates its students to the GPPN Student Conference every year. In March 2019, GPPN Student Conference will take place at Lee Kuan Yew School, Singapore.
GPPN partners and their student groups will develop creative technology and policy solutions to challenges around the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Students would be invited to produce either short applied concept papers or applied projects. Students from each partner university will have the opportunity to apply to present a project/idea before the deans and students from GPPN schools, as well as special invited guests.

Contact: intl_application@pp.u-tokyo.ac.jp (GraSPP International Affairs Office)