[Int’l Workshop] Space Law and Policy Strategies for Building Moon Bases and Exploiting Space Natural Resources

Recognizing a need for comprehensive studies over the construction of lunar bases and the exploitation of space natural resources, the University of Tokyo organize an international workshop on “Space Law and Policy Strategies for Building Moon Bases and Exploiting Space Natural Resources” on the occasion of the second ISEF (International Space Exploration Forum) to be held in Tokyo Japan. The workshop is an open forum for opinion leaders, domestic and international, from industries, academia and UT students.

[Date & Time]
Sunday, March 4th, 2018
Registration from 9:30-
10:00 – 18:30: Workshop / Free of charge
19:00 – 21:00: Reception / 1,000 JYN (Students: Free of charge)

Ito International Research Center, Ito Hall
7-3-1 Bunkyo-ku Hongo, Tokyo 113-0033
The University of Tokyo
Hongo Campus
(Reception will be held in 12F International Academic Research Bldg)

[Language] English (Japanese<->English Interpretation is available)
[Co-Organizer] Science, Technology, and Innovation Governance (STIG) Education Program, The University of Tokyo, and NIALS
[Sponsor] The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, KIRIN

[Registration] Previous registration is required.
Please apply from REGISTRATION FORM
*If you cannot open the registration form, please email us at STIG@pp.u-tokyo.ac.jp, including your name and institution.

[Program] Event Moderator: Ms. Motoko Mizuno (Lecturer, UT)
10:00  Opening Remarks Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama (Professor, UT)
Congratulatory Address  Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund (Director, DLR)

10:20 Keynote Speech Dr. Simonetta Di Pippo (Director, UNOOSA)

10:50 Session 1: Strategies for International cooperation / moderated by Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama (UT)
① JAXA’s Strategy for International Space Exploration Dr. Naoki Sato (JAXA)
② EU’s Strategy for the Lunar Exploration Dr. Jean-Jacques Tortora (Director, ESPI)
③ Initiatives by Private Entities Mr. Takeshi Hakamada (CEO, ispace)
Dr. Giuseppe Reibaldi
(President, Moon Village Association)
④ International Trends of Space Exploration Policy: Emerging Roles of Private Sector Mr. Masanori Muto (Senior Researcher, MRI)
⑤ Presentation by UT Students Study Group A
Panel Discussion: All Speakers of Session 1
Dr. Scott Pace (National Space Council)
Mr. Yuki Takemori (Development Bank of Japan Inc.)

12:50~14:00 Lunch

14:00 Session 2: Legal Strategies for Developing Moon Bases under International Cooperation / moderated by Ms. Motoko Mizuno (Lecturer, UT)
① International Mechanisms for Space Cooperation: Report of the COPUOS LSC Work
Prof. Setsuko Aoki (Keio Univ.)
② Lessons learned from ISS/IGA Ms. Motoko Mizuno (Lecturer, UT)
③ Legal Framework for a Moon Base Dr. Robin J. Frank
(Associate General Counsel for Int’l Law, NASA)
④ UT Students Study Group B
Panel Discussion All Speakers of Session2
Asst.Prof. Tanja Masson-Zwaan (Leiden Univ.)
Mr. Alexander Soucek (ESA)
Mr. Christopher Johnson (Secure World Foundation)

15:20 Session 3: Utilization of Natural Space Resources/moderated by Mr. Kojiro Fujii (Partner, Nishimura & Asahi)
① Governance of Space Mining Activities and The Hague WG
  Asst. Prof. Tanja Masson-Zwaan (Leiden Univ.)
② Legal Analysis of National Space Legislation for the Exploitation of Space Resources
  Dr. Yuri Takaya (Visiting Researcher, UT)
③ UT Students   Study Group C
Panel Discussion
All Speakers of Session 3
Dr. Giuseppe Reibaldi
(Executive Secretary Hague International Space Resources Governance WG)

16:40-17:00 Coffee Break

17:00 Session 4: Ecosystem in Space Exploration for Sustainability / moderated by Mr. Atsushi Mizushima (Partner, Nishimura & Asahi / Founder & Director, SPACETIDE Foundation)
Panel Discussion
Mr. Masashi Sato (Senior Consultant, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. /
Founder & Director, SPACETIDE Foundation)
Mr. Akira Fukabori (Digital Design Lab, ANA Holdings, Inc.)
Ms. Motoko Mizuno (UT)
Mr. Kenji Oda (Head of Dentsu Space Design Lab, Dentsu Inc.)
Dr. Naoko Yamazaki (Joshi Univ. of Art and Design/Astronaut)
Mr. Katsumi Tsukahara (Deputy Senior General Manager, Space Systems Division,
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
UT Students

18:30 Closing Remarks Mr. Atsushi Mizushima (Partner, Nishimura & Asahi / Founder & Director, SPACETIDE Foundation)

19 :00~21:00 Networking Reception “Challenges of Diversity for Space”
(※Pre-Registration needed / Participation Fee: 1000 Yen)
Speech① “Space for Women’ project” Dr. Simonetta Di Pippo (UNOOSA/WIA-E)
Speech② “Sorajo Initiative in Japan” Dr. Naoko Yamazaki
(Joshi Univ. of Art and Design/Astronaut)

Science, Technology, and Innovation Governance(STIG) Education Program
Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo