Voices : 2018


Received Ph.D. in 2018 from Department of Technology Management for Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering

Dr. Anna Brova

STIG Education program broadened my horizons. Perhaps, I am an unconventional Ph.D student, because I have spent my final term in the University not just writing articles and preparing for the defense, but also taking STIG courses. That is because I was eager to talk and collaborate with people who have different educational and professional backgrounds. Actually STIG's collaborative-style courses provided opportunities to create projects with unfamiliar grounds. Especially, in the required course "Case Study (Science, Technology, Innovation Policy)", we had several group work activities and I experienced valuable practical exercise through mid-term presentation and final presentation, and received a direct feedback from other groups and professors.

Also many courses are tailored made and practically applicable. These courses stimulated my understanding of modern public policy.

I plan to work in the industry as an analyst. My experience with STIG benefited me with further career opportunities.