Faculty Members
Graduate School of Public Policy
Project Assistant Professor
Makiko Matsuo

Research interests:

She has received Master of International Studies from the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo in 2005 and Doctor of Philosophy in March 2016. Her areas of concern are interdisciplinary in nature and covers such issues as, Risk Governance, Risk Regulation, Global Health Issues, Food Safety, Interface Issues between Science and Politics, Technology Assessment (TA), International Standards Setting Process, International Harmonization, Codex Alimentarius Commission, Sustainability etc.

Relevant recent publications:

  • Yasushi Katsuma, Hideaki Shiroyama and Makiko Matsuo (2016), “Challenges in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal on good health and well-being: Global governance as an issue for the means of implementation”, Asia-Pacific Development Journal, Vol.23, No.2
  • Japan Global Health Working Group (2016), “Protecting human security: proposals for the G7 Ise-Shima Summit in Japan”, the Lancet, Health Policy, Volume 387, No. 10033, p2155–2162 (Japan Global Health Working Group)*Makiko Matsuo is one of the members of the Japan Global Health Working Group.
  • Hideaki Shiroyama, Yasushi Katsuma, Makiko Matsuo (2016), ‟Rebuilding Global Health Governance – Recommendations for the G7”, PARI Policy Brief.
  • Makiko Matsuo, Atsuo Kishimoto, Masashi Tachikawa, Masahiro Matsuura (2015), “Joint Fact-Finding – Bridging the evidence gaps in decision making”, Technology Assessment in Japan and Europe, António Moniz and Kumi Okuwada eds., KIT, ITAS Publishing, pp.89-100
  • Makiko Matsuo, Hiroshi Yoshikura (2014), “Zero in Terms of Food Policy and Risk Perception”, Food Policy, Vol.45, pp. 132-137.
  • Makiko Matsuo (2013), “Shaping the Future Vision – the Activity of Foresight: Implications arising from the concept of resilience and the analysis of governance structure”, the Journal of Science Policy and Research Management, Vol.28, No2, pp.175-184 (in Japanese).
  • Makiko Matsuo (2013), Restructuring Japanese Food Safety Governance: Institutional Changes and Future Challenges, the European Food and Feed Law Review, pp250-258.
  • Makiko Matsuo, Matsuda, H. and Shiroyama, H., (2011) “Global Governance”, in Sustainability Science: A multidisciplinary approach Vol.1 edited by Komiyama. H et al., UNU Publications, pp.220 – 245.


She is the recipient of the 2013 Junior Award by the Society for Risk Analysis Japan (SRAJ) for the contributions to the field of risk analysis by a scholar aged 40 or under. She was also awarded Annual Meeting Best Paper Award from SRAJ for her paper entitled “Reconsidering Food Safety Governance– An analysis from Comparative study on institutional settings.