[Report] SciREX Open Forum 2022: S1 “Open innovation in the Sixth STI Basic Plan: the case of the New Space industry”

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SciREX Open Forum 2022 “New Challenges for Science of Policy -To ensure the Sixth Science, Technology, and Innovation Basic Plan to Work―” Series 1: “Open innovation in the Sixth STI Basic Plan: the case of the New Space industry”

The Sixth STI Basic Plan recognizes the importance to foster an innovation ecosystem for the emergence of new industry, through a closer integration of academia, the goverment, and the industry. In particular, the concept of open innovation has gained traction in Japanese universities, Which have implemented programs for the commercialization of R&D results in collaboration with industrial actors, often dedicated spin-off start-up companiies. The space industry, which role is recognized in the Sixth STI Basic Plan in the achievement of its vision of the Society 5.0, by enabling a closer integration of the cyberspace and physical space, comports excellent examples of academia-industry-government cooperation.
Starting from a general perspective on universities’ efforts towards open innovation, the event will then delve into the case of space innovation, through concrete example of Japanese start-up companies having emerged from cutting-edge research conducted in Japanese university laboratories.

[General Information]
19:00~20:30, Thursday, February 3, 2022 (by Zoom)
Participation fee: Free (Previous registration required)
Host: SciREX Center, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Co-Host: MEXT, SciREX core universities (Series 1: UTokyo)
Website: https://www.scirex-openforum.info/

Verspieren Quentin, Project Assistant Prof. Graduate School of Public Policy

– Tatsuya Okubo, UTokyo Executive Vice President Chairman, Institute for Open Innovation, UTokyo
– Hideaki Shiroyama, Professor, GraSPP, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, UTokyo
– Shinichi Nakasuka, Professor, School of Engineering, UTokyo
– Shuzo Takada, Senior Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo University of Science
– Fukuyo Takayoshi, ArkEdge Space Inc.