[Report] The 116th STIG PoP Seminar “2nd STIG Space Policy Webinar | Governance of Active Debris Removal activities: lessons from Japan and international partners”

【REPORT】With growing concerns about space debris issues, the Active Debris Removal (ADR) is expected to contribute to space sustainability while there should be appropriate international norms and rules because of its dual use nature. With this understanding, the Science, Technology and Innovation Governance (STIG) program held a webinar on governance of ADR activities on 15 March 2022.

First, Dr. Quentin Verspieren (The University of Tokyo) delivered opening remarks and confirmedshared the definitions of the terms such as On-Orbit Servicing (OOS), ADR, and Rendezvous and Proximity Operation (RPO), and the structure of international regimes as a baseline of discussion.

Following, Prof. Kazuto Suzuki (The University of Tokyo) delivered an opening keynote. He introduced the OOS Guidelines recently formulated and released in Japan, and the concepts of “norm entrepreneur” and “norm cascade” as the possible approaches to build the international norms.

Then, Mr. Koichi Kikuchi (The University of Tokyo) and Dr. Quentin Verspieren reported the results of the private ADR workshop, which was held under the Chatham House Rule on 9 March 2022. The participants include experts from industry, government, academy, and think-tank. In the session 1 “State-of-the-art of ADR technologies around the world”, participants shared information on the advanced ADR technologies and missions, and the relationship between technology and norm. In the session 2 “International norms promotion on ADR”, participants exchanged the views on the priority areas for normative or regulatory actions, the nature of instruments to be used, and the modalities of international norm/rule promotion on ADR.

Finally, Prof. Kazuto Suzuki (The University of Tokyo) delivered his comments and closing remarks. He pointed out Japan can lead the norm-building and rule-making on ADR using the OOS Guidelines as the best practices and the world’s first rules for OOS including ADR.

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Date & Time:
Tuesday 15 March 2022, 17:30 – 19:00 JST

Online by Zoom Webinar

English (no Japanese interpretation available)

Science, Technology and Innovation Governance (STIG) Program, The University of Tokyo.

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[17:30-17:40] Opening remarks:
Dr Quentin Verspieren, The University of Tokyo

[17:40-18:10] Opening keynote – Japan’s progress in the licensing of OOS and ADR activities:
Professor Kazuto Suzuki, The University of Tokyo

[18:10-18:40] Public reporting session of a private workshop on the development and international promotion of norms on ADR held under Chatham House rules:
Mr Koichi Kikuchi and Dr Quentin Verspieren, The University of Tokyo

[18:40-19:00] Comments and closing:
Professor Kazuto Suzuki, The University of Tokyo

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