Opportunities for the holistic design of products/services and policies towards sustainability/サステナビリティの実現に向けた製品/サービスと政策のデザイン

本セミナーでは、製品・サービスと政策についてデザインの観点から横断的な議論を行った。日本から城山英明教授(東京大学)と鎗目雅准教授(香港科技大学・東京大学)、スウェーデンからMattias Lindahl教授(リンシェーピング大学)とCarl Dalhammar氏(ルンド大学)をお迎えし、製品・サービスと政策のデザインにおける問題定義などのプロセスの違いや、データ駆動型のデザイン、規制や標準化の役割などに関する講演が行われた。その後、坂尾知彦教授(リンシェーピング大学)がモデレータを努め、4名の発表者によるパネルディスカッションが行われた。パネルディスカッションでは、日本とスウェーデンにおける政策のアプローチの違いや、政策立案におけるデザイン思考の活用、デジタライゼーションなどに関する議論が行われた。(東京大学工学系研究科 特任講師 木見田康治)

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The aim of this seminar is to bring together experts in the field of designing products/services and polices in Sweden and Japan.
– to disseminate research results in holistic design of products/services and polices for circular economy
– to discuss research opportunities for designing in science for policies
– to exchange collaboration ideas between Mistra REES research program and STIG of Univ. Tokyo

Co-hosted by Science, Technology and Innovation Governance (STIG: stig.pp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/) Program, GraSPP, The University of Tokyo & Mistra REES (Resource Efficient and Effective Solutions) research program, Sweden (mistrarees.se)

◆Date: 18:00-21:00 (JST), Monday 29th of November, 2021
◆Venue: Online by Zoom (Zoom URL will be informed to registrants’ email prior to the event)
◆Registration: Make a registration from this Form (If you cannot open it, please email us to STIG@pp.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
◆Language: English

◆日 時:2021年11月29日(月) 18:00-21:00(日本時間)
◆場 所:Zoomによるオンラインセミナー(事前登録者のメールアドレスへ前日までにZoom URLを送ります)
◆言 語:英語

18:00-18:10 Introduction of the co-organizers

18:00-18:30 “Meta-design of policy design process: the cases of ecotown and smart city in Japan”

Hideaki Shiroyama, Professor at Graduate School of Public Policy, The University of Tokyo

18:30-19:00 “Stimulating Data-Driven Innovation for Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges in Public Policy and Institutional Design”

Masaru Yarime, Associate Professor at Division of Public Policy, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Tokyo

19:00-19:10 Break

19:10-19:40 “How circular economy related policies in EU had or will have interplays with product/service design”

Carl Dalhammar, Senior lecturer at The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University

19:40-20:10 “How transformation to a more sustainable and circular economy could be facilitated by policies, business models, and product/service design”

Mattias Lindahl, Professor at Department of Management and Engineering (IEI), Linköping University

20:10-20:50 Panel discussion
Moderator: Tomohiko Sakao, Professor at Department of Management and Engineering (IEI), Linköping University
●Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama (The University of Tokyo)
●Assoc. Prof. Masaru Yarime (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the University of Tokyo)
●Senior Lecturer Carl Dalhammar (Lund University)
●Prof. Mattias Lindahl (Linköping University)

20:50-21:00 Closing

For a question, please contact Koji Kimita, STIG (The University of Tokyo)
email: kimita@tmi.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp