[Wed. 25 Sep, 16:50-] STIG 2019 Autumn Semester Orientation Session

This program is only for UTokyo graduate students

UTokyo graduate students interested in the fields of INNOVATION, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY, EVIDENCE BASED POLICY, and SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS OF TECHNOLOGIES are strongly encouraged to join us. Previous registration is no needed.

5th Period (16:50 – ) Wednesday, 25 September 2019
4F SMBC Academia Hall, Hongo Campus, UTokyo

* 1st class of STIG required course follows the orientation.
* After class we will have a small party (Feel free to join us).
* Provided English simultaneous interpretation.

16:50-16:55  Greetings from STIG director Prof. Shiroyama

16:55-17:15  STIG outline

17:15-18:15  Introduction to STIG courses

– Required course: Case Study (Science, Technology and Innovation Policy)
– Science, Technology, and Public Policy
– 地域交通政策研究
– イノベーションの経済学
– Space Development and Public Policy/宇宙開発と公共政策