[Wed, July 4 REPORT] 68th STIG PoP Seminar/Openness and Commercialization in Science: Evidence from Scientist Survey in Japan/UK/Germany

Open science is a fundamental scientific norm, prescribing unconditional sharing of scientific discoveries and resources among academic scientists. However, the past decades have seen a growing orientation toward commercialization and privatization of science. In this seminar, I discuss a fundamental conflict between commercialization (private ownership) and openness, drawing on a sample of university scientists in Japan/UK/Germany. I investigate the evolution of norms and behaviors in commercialization and openness under the current policy context. The result suggests that commercialization is indeed in conflict with openness, potentially leading to the fragmentation of science. Policy implications are discussed.

11:00-12:30, Wednesday, July 4th, 2018
B1F, Gallery 1, Ito International Research Center
Language: Japanese and English
Fee: Free of charge

Sotaro Shibayama, Senior Lecturer
School of Economics and Management
Lund University (Sweden)

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