[Friday, April 13th 18:40- ] STIG Education Program 2018 Spring Orientation Session

* Courses can be taken by graduate students of the University of Tokyo (master’s and doctorate students)
* The already STIG students are also welcome to attend, as this session may be an opportunity to review your curriculum in the program.

University-wide Education Program:
Science, Technology, and Innovation Governance (STIG) Education Program/2018 Spring Orientation Session

Friday, April 13th, from 18:40 (after the session, join our small Spring Welcome Party 2018!)
Venue: SMBC Academia Hall, 4F, International Academic Research Bldg., Hongo Campus
Language: Japanese and English
Previous registration is not needed.

Program Director/Graduate School of Law & Public Policy: Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama
Policy Alternatives Research Institute: Prof. Taketoshi Taniguchi
Graduate School of Public Policy: Visiting Prof. Masahiro Kakuwa
Graduate School of Public Policy: Project A Prof. Makiko Matsuo
Graduate School of Public Policy: Project A Prof. Daiya Isogawa
Graduate School of Engineering: Project A Prof. Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi

The University of Tokyo STIG education program is an interdepartmental graduate education program which makes use of our strengths as a comprehensive university, and builds a collaboration platform between practitioners and researchers in law and politics, economics, medicine, information science, and other fields, primarily at the Graduate School of Public Policy and the engineering graduate schools, to foster the development of human resources who can link science and policy. Be free to ask us for any questions regarding this program.

STIG Education Program