[Wed MAR 15] STIG International Symposium: Assessment of and Society’s Response to AI and Robots

Whilst the development of advanced technology is expected to benefit society, there are also unknown risks and uncertainties that exist towards human health and the environment. For that reason, it is important to adequately evaluate this influence during the process in which advanced technology is accepted by society. Such activities are called technology assessment (TA), and in the West, there are specialized agencies that conduct TA and contribute to the decision making by national and private organisations. For this symposium, specifically on the topic of TA in the fields of robotics and AI technology, we have invited Dr. ir. Rinie van Est of the Rathenau Institute in Netherlands to give a lecture on the latest information on the TA of advanced technologies such as robotics in Europe. In addition, we would like to deepen the discussion on the framework and structure of technology assessment and risk assessment of AI and robots, including in Japan, as well as how to approach the collaboration between technology assessment and research and development in universities and the like.

Date and time: 15 March (Wed), 2017 13:00-16:30 (tentative)
Venue: Yayoi Auditorium Annex Seihoku Gallery, The University of Tokyo
Language: English/Japanese (Japanese/English simultaneous interpretation is available)
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13:00- Introduction
Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama (GraSPP, The University of Tokyo)
13:05-14:00 Keynote and Q&A

Portrait Rinie van Est

“The human-friendly robot society”
Dr. ir. Rinie van Est (Rathenau Institute, The Netherlands)
“Activities for Real-Time Technology Assessment in Japan”
Prof. Go Yoshizawa (Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University)
“Risk and Technology Assessment Trial with AI Network Society Promotion Conference in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications”
Prof. Hideaki Shiroyama (GraSPP, The University of Tokyo)
“UTokyo Next-generation Intelligent Science Research Center”(TBD)
Prof. Yasuo Kuniyoshi (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo)
14:55-15:10 Break
– Panel Discussion
15:10-16:30 Comments by the panelists and Discussion
Dr. ir. Rinie van Est (Rathenau Institute)
Prof. Go Yoshizawa (Osaka University)
Prof. Junichiro Mori (Policy Alternatives Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Arisa Ema (Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo)
Moderator: Hideaki Shiroyama (The University of Tokyo)

Hosted by:
Science, Technology, and Innovation Governance(STIG), The University of Tokyo