[Report]The 43rd Policy Platform Seminar : From New Lens Scenarios to Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions

Science, Technology, and Innovation Governans(STIG) program will hold the 43rd Policy Platform Seminar, inviting Mr. Wim Thomas as a guest speaker to “Case Study (Scenario Planning: Practice and Theory)” course.

Date:Thursday, May 26, 13:00~14:45
Venue:Room 201, School of Law Bldg., The University of Tokyo
Guest Speaker:Wim Thomas
Chief Energy Advisor, Global Business Environment, Shell International B.V.

In this presentation Dr. Wim Thomas, Chief Energy Adviser of R.D.Shell, talked about the methodology and objectives of scenario planning, followed by the Shell’s recent scenario work; The New Lens Scenarios.
The presenter explained the robustness and soundness of the methodology R.D.Shell has been employing. It has experienced acid test of its creativity, envisioning spirit, as well as relevance to the decision making by Shell’s top executives, and has been evolving incessantly over forty years.
The New Lens Scenarios published in 2013 are part of ongoing process to challenge executives’ perspectives on the future business environment. Two stories of the future, namely Mountains and Oceans are presented as equally plausible shape of our global future. These scenarios explored alternative ways political, economic and societal decision-making could evolve in the world and associated impact on the energy system.
The presenter also briefly touched on Shell’s Net Zero Emission scenarios published in May 2016, which describe pathways to global net zero greenhouse gas emissions, an outcome ultimately required for stabilizing climate pressures and meeting the aspirations expressed in the Paris Agreement end 2015.
The presentation of Net Zero Emission scenarios galvanized a good discussion amongst participants of the day.

Hosted by: Science, Technology, and Innovation Governance(STIG), The Univesity of Tokyo
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