Field-specific research courses Electives

Title 37. Case Study (Institutions and Methods of Health Technology Assessment in Healthcare Policy)
Held by the Graduate School of : Public Policy
Number : 5140498
Instructor KAMAE Isao
Schedule A1A2
/ Fri 2nd [10:25-12:10]
Language English
Credit 2
Room International Academic Research Bldg. Seminar Room C
  • Students learn basic methods of Health Technology Assessment(HTA) and HTA institutions in the world.
  • A group of students performs a in-class presentation regarding HTA agency/institution assigned in advance, and through the class discussion, all the students learn history, presence and new trends of the HTA agencies/institutions in the world.
  • An internet live lecture is provided by international HTA experts/professors in the world.
  • Students can develop their capability of HTA specialty in the global perspective.