Field-specific research courses Electives

Title 26. Space Development and Public Policy
Held by the Graduate School of : Public Policy
Number : 5122384
Instructor KIKUCHI Koichi
Schedule A1A2
/ Thu 6th [18:45-20:30]
Language English
Credit 2
Room International Academic Research Bldg. Seminar Room A
Abstract Space related treaties which are legal basis of the global space activities are subject to governmental activities and presume that governments supervise non-governmental activities. Under the governmental supervision, conventional space companies have supported governmental space activities to contribute to national interests. However, New Space companies that emerged in 2000s are proceeding space activities with their own visions and business models although under governmental supervision, then activating global space activities. On the other hand, according to the increase of space debris, there are concerns about sustainability of global space activities, and governments are still responsible for sustainable space development and utilization, infrastructures, and industrial bases.
In Japan, 2008 Space Basic Law enabled space activities for national security, renewed its governance structure by establishing Strategic Headquarters for Space Policy headed by Prime Minister, and shifted its weight to utilization from research and development. 2016 Space Activities Law set out legal basis for space activities including by private companies. However, there are still various legal and policy challenges including industrial promotion and space debris issue from the viewpoint of sustainable space activities.
This course will offer practical lectures by various practitioners and specialists to understand current situation of space development and utilization. Afterwards, students will develop and discuss policy proposals for specific themes as practices. FY 2019, we will deal with the latest topics including space traffic management (STM), roles of national space agencies, and space resource exploration under the theme of Governance of Space Activities.