Applied courses Electives

Title 20. Case Study (Business environment, stakeholders and issues; a learning experience in collaboration with Japanese industry)
Held by the Graduate School of : Public Policy
Number : 5140486
Instructor KAKUWA Masahiro
KUMON Takashi
Schedule A1A2
/ Thu 4th [14:55-16:40]
Language English
Credit 2
Room International Academic Research Bldg. SMBC Academia Hall
Abstract The objectives of this course are to give course attendants hands-on experiences of business modus operandi of Japanese companies, and to ask the attendants to follow small scale researches on particular themes on Japanese company/industry.
This course was established in 2015 in response to the call from GraSPP international students for more to learn and be exposed to the Japanese business society. Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has also been finding this request as fair and supports this course.
The ultimate aim of the course is to offer the attendants an opportunity to learn business culture and operation of globalised, or globalising Japanese companies. Hence, the attendants are very much deserved to be critical and argumentative however; the organizer of the course would like to ask them for due respects to the companies.
The organizer of the course has a variety of experience in business and governmental organization to support overseas business of Japanese companies. The co-organizer has spent 35 years in business both in Japan and abroad however; the attendants will not expect the organizers to do full lectures on theories and methods of business practices, which can be learned by reading boring books for MBA course, plenty of them.
This is a very practical course, rare in the university.
The attendants will expect hard works!