Applied courses Electives

Title 18. Global Business Strategy and Policy
Held by the Graduate School of : Engineering
Number : 3792-141
Instructor MOTOHASHI Kazuyuki
Schedule A1
/ Fri 1st [8:30-10:15], Fri 2nd [10:25-12:10]
Language English
Credit 2
Room Room32, Faculty of Engineering Bldg.3
Abstract This course covers some essentials on "global business", such as global strategy, strategic alliance (JV with local companies) and marketing strategy. The course is organized by combining lectures on theory, case method teaching and guest speaker talks to foster students' problem solving abilities in a real business world. In addition, a focus is put on emerging economies, particularly China and India. In order to facilitate effective interactive process in case based teaching, a number of enrolled students could be restricted to 30-35 people. In this process, students in the TMI departments as well as those in TMI sub-major have some priority.