Basic courses B: Evidence Development Methodologies Required Electives

Title 9. Quantitative Methods for Management and Policy Analysis
Held by the Graduate School of : Engineering
Number : 3792-142
Instructor NISHINO Nariaki
MOGI Gento
MORI Junichiro
Schedule S1
/ Wed 3rd-4th [13:00-14:45, 15:55-16:40], Fri 3rd-4th [13:00-14:45, 15:55-16:40]
Language English
Credit 4
Room Room 211, Faculty of Engineering Bldg.2
Abstract The purpose of the class is to acquire mathematical methods concerning management and policy analysis. For example, a method related to optimization gives you a good insight when considering a sort of planning or managerial issues. Policymaking issues are applicable as well. Theories related to decision-making also are very useful for management and policy issues. Such a theory with mathematical base becomes fundamentals for those analyses. In addition, recent development of ICT enables the use of big data and thereby skills treating such kinds of data are essential. Simulation technique is also very useful. Against these backgrounds, this class is comprised of the following four parts:(1) optimization, (2) decision theory, (3) information processing technique, and (4) simulation. An exercise style is additionally included as a part of the class. The first half of each time gives you its content with a lecture style; then, in the second half, you tackle related problem-solving exercises, aiming at developing your proficiency in those methods.