Field-specific research courses Electives

Title 25. Space Development and Public Policy
Held by the Graduate School of : Public Policy
Number : 5122384
Instructor UCHITOMI Motoko
Schedule A1A2
/ Fri 6th[18:45-20:30]
Language Japanese and English
Credit 2
Room Law 19
Abstract The 2008 Basic Space Law set out new purposes of Japan's space activities and renewed space policy governance structure. Historically, Japanese space policy has been mainly focused on R&D. However, utilization of national space asset for various public policy purposes, including national and international security, space industry is also recognized as an important goal of space policy. The Basic Space Law also established Strategic Headquarters for Space Policy as a top-level space policy decision making body, which is chaired by the Prime Minister.
Nowadays space assets constitute a part of important social infrastructures. Space activities have become one of the major public policies, which involve a variety of stakeholders. Therefore, it is meaningful to compare space policy and its governance with those of other realms of public policy.
This course will offer various and valuable information relating to space policy and its implementation from diversified perspectives: government, space agencies (JAXA, NASA, DLR, CNES), industry, and academics. This course will also provide an opportunity for training in making space policy proposals and business model related to space.
Students will form study groups and will make presentations to discuss challenges of today's Japanese space policy and business model. After the lectures, each student will submit a brief report containing policy and business model recommendations on the future space activities in Japan.