Basic courses B: Evidence Development Methodologies Required Electives

Title 9. Risk and Regulatory Policy
Held by the Graduate School of : Public Policy
Number : 5122410
Held by the Graduate School of : Engineering
Number : 3792-154
Instructor KISHIMOTO Atsuo
Schedule A1A2
/ Wed 3rd[13:00-14:45]
Language English
Credit 2
Room S.Law 305
Abstract This course provide an understanding of how the safety of our daily life and industrial activities is secured through regulatory policy and how we can improve the way of governing safety and security in parallel with the change of society and technical progress. The goal of this course is to learn the way of thinking of "regulatory science" to bridge a gap between risk science and regulatory policy.
It will cover risk assessment, management and governance based on a wide range of disciplines from psychology, economics, and natural sciences. It also make use of Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) documents in the US, UK, EU and Japan as case studies such as chemicals safety, natural disasters, fire safety and traffic safety to discuss problems and applications of theoretical approaches.