Joint seminar Required class

Title 1. Case Study (Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy)
Held by the Graduate School of : Public Policy
Number : 5140600
Held by the Graduate School of : Engineering
Number : 3792-147
Instructor MATSUO Makiko
Schedule A1A2
/ Wed 5th [16:50-18:35]
Language Japanese and English
Credit 2
Room IAR SMBC Academia Hall
Abstract *This course is offered in both Japanese and English.

This course is designed to develop necessary skills for collecting and assembling evidence for public policy-making at government agencies and research institutions, as well as skills for conducting research on science, technology, and innovation (STI) policy. Students are encouraged to learn across academic disciplines; they are expected to work with other students from different departments/schools toward problem-solving and develop necessary skills for analyzing public issues and planning/evaluating public policy.